Word Bowl Soup
Word Bowl Soup

Think you know words ..... ?

Updated: 30 August 2016

 Do you like words?

 Do you like puzzles?

 Do you like word puzzles?

 Word Bowl Soup is a FREE word game where you pick letters out of your soup to solve the missing words puzzle.

  Word Bowl Soup is ideal for when you have 5 minutes to spare waiting for that bus, coffee or your partner to get ready.

  You must use all the letters to fill the empty word spaces. The difference in this game is that even if your solution doesn't match the game solution - you could still be right.

No two games are ever the same - puzzles are generated from approximately 20 000 words.

Timer play mode: complete the puzzle before your soup gets cold!

It's FREE!

5 levels of difficulty.

Performance scoring for each level.

Fun ranking shown after each correct puzzle.

Puzzle words are 3-6 letters in length.

Choose either US or UK English spelling.

Beginner and easy levels great for young players.

Excellent Scrabble™ practice.

Extend your vocabulary.

Enhance your cognitive skills.

Support a struggling Kiwi indie developer!

Play with your soup!!!

Did I say it was FREE?!!!

  Words are from US and UK Scrabble™ word lists. You can choose whether to play with the UK or US English word lists. Less common, unsuitable words and potentially offensive words have been hunted down and removed.

If you have a word you think should be included or removed; please contact me and I will sort it out. Word Bowl Soup - contact: Send Message

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