• Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup - New Recipe!!!

    18 September 2018

    Word Bowl Soup is undergoing a major refresh.

    I am improving the whole look and user interface of the game. The rewards and level unlocking parts will be better arranged and more fun. The program code is also revamped to optimise the game as well.

    An exciting new feature is that I am adding a SPANISH option to the game. As well as US or UK English, you will be able to choose to play it in Spanish. I have a cool person reviewing my Spanish dictionary right now and the new updated game will be available soon.

    Word Bowl Soup will continue to be completely free and the ads in it are completely non-targeted. I never collect personal information in any of my apps.

    Word Bowl Soup - fresher than ever!

    Word Bowl Soup - Playstore

  • NZ Red Cross

    Tongan Cyclone Donations

    14 February 2018

     C'mon Christchurch! Tonga needs our help. They gave us $630,000 after our earthquakes. Time to return the favour on this amazing gesture.

      This link will take you to the New Zealand Red Cross site where you can make a donation directly and help our island neighbours. Think back to the incredible generosity of this small nation. It's time to help them out.

    NZ Red Cross - donations

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Rotatron released!!!

    23 March 2017

    Finally, after much delay due to my surgery, Rotatron has finally been released into the wild.

    Unleash your inner creativity. Create hypnotic spirals, psychedelic spinners, weird whirlers, freaky flowers or your own optical illusions.

    Combine 36 different rotating discs with 9 different backgrounds to create an endlessly pleasing array of artwork.

    Don't be satisfied with apps that just show you a hypnotic spiral pattern - create your own.

    Fun, easy and FREE - give it a whirl.

    Rotatron - Playstore

  • Green Guppy broken heart

    Road to Recovery

    17 March 2017

    I'm back home now after my heart surgery and well on the way to full health. Still get fatigued and need a rest but all is going well so far.

    Thanks to those who sent messages of support. It was much appreciated.

    I am still amazed that I have had to have this operation. Even more amazing is the level of care provided by the nurses and medical staff who fixed me up. They are special people and deserve all the support we can give them.

    Still a bit fuzzy and long stints of concentration are difficult - but time to get back to some coding.... ....stay tuned.

  • Green Guppy broken heart

    Heart Me!

    9 February 2017

    I've got to mend a broken heart!

    I will be having heart surgery next week (Wednesday 15 Feb). It means that I will not be able to respond to any emails or enquiries for a while. Hopefully I will be back in action in a few weeks and can get back into working on my apps.

    Thanks for your patience and support. It's going to be an interesting year.

  • Green Guppy

    Happy New Year!

    1 January 2017

    Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes to you all for 2017.

    Where 2016 went I don't know but in many ways I am happy it has gone. It was jam-packed with World humanitarian tragedies, political intrigue and unrest, celebrities falling off the perch and global temperatures at record highs.

    Hopefully we can look forward to 2017 with optimism that the world will become a better place through tolerance, patience and co-operation that transcends the geopolitical and cultural boundaries that we imprison ourselves in.

    To you and your families I wish peace and success wherever you are.

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup - V5.0 - Level-Up!

    24 November 2016

    By popular demand, Word Bowl Soup now uses unlockable levels.

    You can still select the difficulty you want to play at (from Beginner Borscht to Puzzling Pozole) but now each difficulty also has 6 built-in unlockable levels. Each level slowly builds as a challenge to your word vocabularly and are completely replayable at any time.

    As stated before, Word Bowl Soup is completely free and the are no evil IAPs required to level-up or play the game.

    Word Bowl Soup - lap it up!

    Word Bowl Soup - Playstore

  • Green Guppy

    Back Online

    10 November 2016

    Hi again. Been offline for a bit - my trusty PC had a meltdown and died. Actually the hard drive failed but it was time for an upgrade so I have rebuilt it. With school holidays and reloading the OS and software, it took me longer than it should have but all good now.

    So, I will be updating the website content over the next week and getting back into coding - there is new game play to be added to Word Bowl Soup and to finally get Rotatron released into the wild. Ciao. GG

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup - New Game Play

    10 October 2016

    I've had some really helpful and interesting feedback from my Word Bowl Soup community. A common theme is that they would like the game to be a bit more level driven with a progression from easier to harder puzzles in each level.

    Seems like a good idea and I am working on restructuring Word Bowl Soup to incorporate this. Even though the game might be moving towards a level type system, I will not be introducing IAPs as is common with most of these types of games. I hate IAPs.

    If all goes to plan, the new version should be available early next week.

    Word Bowl Soup - spice up your vocabulary!

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup - V4.1 out now!!!!

    30 August 2016

     The latest update for Word Bowl Soup has just been released on the Google Play Store.

      Version 4.1 now contains a Timer Play option. You need to complete the puzzle before your soup gets cold - your waiter is watching you. Cold soup is gloop, empty your bowl before it gets cold!

     The appearance of the game has been improved also. A more elegant front page and a few minor touches to make it all look just a little more upmarket. Souper!

      I've also edited the game word lists after some useful feedback from my soup customers - thanks for that.

      Word Bowl Soup - give it a taste test now.

  • Italian Red Cross

    Italian Earthquake Donations

    28 August 2016

     C'mon Christchurch people! We got plenty of worldwide support during and after our earthquake experience - now it's our turn.

      This link will take you to the official Italian Red Cross site where you can make a donation directly and do some good. Think back to all the help we got from everywhere - let's return the favour.

    Italian Red Cross - donations

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup - Hot

    16 August 2016

     A new update for Word Bowl Soup is just about ready for your gastronomical delight. Yummers!

      This version adds a timer play game. You need to complete the puzzle before your soup gets cold. The heat is on!

      I've also improved the general look of the game and streamlined some code that even a code monkey would have thrown poop at. As usual, I have also edited the game word files - thanks to those who provided feedback and suggestions for the changes.

      Word Bowl Soup - tastier than a tasty thing!

  • Go Kiwis!

    Olympics Time - Rio!!!!

    13 August 2016

     The Olympics always amazes me. There are the simply phenomonal performances, the tragedies and the incredible stories of the unknown athletes who come from nowhere against huge odds to win on the biggest stage.

     Already there are a number of performances that I have loved: Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky are just swimming genius, Kiwis Hamish Bond and Eric Murray make rowing look easy and the British track cycling team pursuiters are just a machine.

     But as rugby fan, my favourite performance so far is the Fiji Mens Rugby 7s team - the first ever gold for Fiji - they were just unstoppable in the final and deserved to be the champions - awesome.

     The cool thing is that this is only week 1 of competition - who will write the next memorable story next?

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup V4.0 Update

    11 July 2016

     Version 4.0 Word Bowl Soup has been released

      I've added a quirky performance scoring system, more words in the dictionaries and an extra game word to make the harder levels even more challenging.

      I also fixed the "Easy Peasy" level that was stuck on one game configuration - doh!

      Word Bowl Soup - now even more tasty!

  • Rotatron

    Rotatron is coming

    5 July 2016

    Stay tuned. Rotatron is nearly here! Your puny minds will be in sensory overload!

  • Green Guppy

    New Website Progress

    2 July 2016

     As you can see I am making progress with my new website. I'm not really a web design person and it is taking a while to get my head around CSS but it is starting to come together. Apologies for any broken links, missing bits or just plain HTML/CSS weirdness.

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup Update

    28 June 2016

     I have just updated Word Bowl Soup to version 3.0. The main difference is that I have added the ability to choose either a US or UK English dictionary for the game. Both have around 20,000 words in them. They are based upon the respective countries Scrabble™ word list but I have removed any questionable words or those that may offend some people. I have also removed the "weird" words to leave what I hope is a fairly general list of words that will still stretch your vocabulary.

      If you are a word puzzle person or a Scrabble™ player looking for a way to tune up your skills then Word Bowl Soup is for you.

     Bon appétit.

  • Rotatron

    What is Rototron?

    26 June 2016

    Rotatron is my next Android app. It is more a visual, creative app than a game and can look stunning if the right combinations and settings are used.

      I am just in the final stage of testing and it should be released very soon. It will be a fully functional, FREE app but it will have unobtrusive ads in it. Sorry, but I need to feed my family (or at least buy them a bag of Pineapple Lumps).

  • Flag

    Got Flag?

    23 June 2016

     Earlier this year, we had a referendum in New Zealand about changing our flag. The current one looked a lot like the Australian flag and there was a lot of discussion about whether the Union Jack on it was still relevant. The debate polarised families and friends, some debate rational, some rabid. In the end we chose to stay with the status quo - but not by much.

     This is my attempt at a flag design - unfortunately I did it too late to enter the preliminary competition - but I still like it.