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  • Rotatron


    23 June 2016

    Stay tuned. Rotatron is nearly here! Your puny minds will be in sensory overload!

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup

    24 June 2016

     Word Bowl Soup is a FREE word game where you pick letters out of your soup to solve the missing words puzzle.

      It's ideal for when you have 5 minutes to spare waiting for that bus, coffee or your partner to get ready.

      You must use all the letters to fill the empty word spaces. The difference in this game is that even if your solution doesn't match the game solution - you could still be right.

      Word Bowl Soup - give it a taste test now.

     Bon appétit.

    Word Bowl Soup

  • Kiwi Jump

    Kiwi Jump

    24 June 2016

    You are a happy little kiwi living in the land of Kiwiana.

    You love to jump and jump on your way to the stars. Up you go with the help of magical floating sausages and fluffy, bouncy possums.

    Watch out for enemies who make life for a little jumping kiwi difficult. They will try to stop you and end your bouncing adventure.

    On the way, you can collect the kiwiana items that make New Zealand special and give you bonus rewards and power-ups. The higher you go; the more rewards you get.

    Kiwi Jump

  • Monkey Battle

    Monkey Battle

    10 July 2016

      These monkeys are very angry with each other. They have taken their battle to the roof-tops of an ever-changing city.

      Throw your explosive bananas (and other stuff!) to defeat the other monkey and restore your jungle mojo.

      Battle against a friend, your brother, your sister or even your Mum, Dad or Nana in this updated version of the classic QBasic Gorillas game.

      If you dare, you can even take on the metal might of the devious RoboMonkee in a single player show-down.

    Monkey Battle

  • Poodle Jump

    Poodle Jump

    10 July 2016

      Poodle Jump was an early experiment at a Doodle Jump type game.

      While it was fully functional and a solid, fun game, I didn't want to spend the time and effort on adding content and performing updates.

      I moved on to create a better version: Kiwi Jump which contains a lot of fun Kiwiana content and craziness.

      I no longer support Poodle Jump or list it in App Stores. You may find it available in some independent stores or websites but I won't be providing any more content or updates for Poodle Jump.