Who is Green Guppy?


  I live in Christchurch, New Zealand with my wife, two sons and Scooby: a black cat Overlord who rules us all.

  My boys and I love computers, technology and stuff with flashing lights. I'd been messing around with Java and Android for a while and decided to have a go at developing a game

  Green Guppy began around 3 years ago as a way to combine my interest in programming with being my own boss. I started by investigating Java and C# - then I found the wonderful game framework libGDX created by Mario Zechner, Nathan Sweet and their team.

 After messing around with this for a while, I decided to have a go at creating a full game. Something in the dark and mysterious void of my brain vaguely remembered playing and experimenting with Gorillas (as well as Nibbles) on an IBM XT about a zillion years ago. This was a demo game using QBasic - a beginners introduction to computer programming using a version of the BASIC programming language. This shouldn't take long I thought.

  Aaaaaargh! It did take long - not only was there grappling with Java and Android but there were things like graphics and sound required. It took hours and hours to learn how to create these and they are still proudly amateurish. But eventually my version of Gorillas: Monkey Battle was completed. It lacks polish but to actually complete something and publish it on Google Play was just amazing.

  In hindsight, it wasn't actually the easiest project to begin on but fortunately Mario had written the fabulous book "Beginning Android 4 Games Development". It is the ideal starter for someone who wants to have a try at Android development and I still dip into it today when I need some clarity in what I am doing. Go buy a copy now.

  Since then I have produced Poodle Jump, Kiwi Jump, Word Bowl soup and the nearly completed Rotatron. Each project teaches me something and I'd like to think they are improving as I go on.

  I was originally in the chemical and engineering field but my brain had a meltdown and I had to have a cup of tea and a lie down for quite a while. So I decided to give something I really enjoyed - computers and programming - a go instead. So now I slave over a hot keyboard; coding and creating and squashing bugs. Hopefully you will like the results.

  We were here in Christchurch through the 2010/2011 earthquakes and as with most people are still coming to grips with what happened to us, our fellow Cantabrians, our city and home. Slowly it is all coming together now and it is still the most brilliant place to live. We wouldn't be anywhere else.


  I do NOT and will NEVER collect ANY personal data from you. My apps will NEVER require access to your contacts, messaging, photos, videos etc.

  The only data I may require is your location so that my in-game ads are relevant to your country. I will NOT use personally targeted advertising and will NEVER collect any data that might allow this by me or any of my advertising providers.

App Pricing Philosophy

  I don't like the Freemium pricing model. It seems wrong to me that you have to pay to get features that really just should be part of the game. Being able to afford to buy power-ups or features to get an advantage over another gamer or get a better experience than someone else just doesn't sit right with me.

  So, my philosophy is that I will not produce a game with in-game purchases. My intent is that the games I release will either be fully free or a one-time purchase of the complete game. Some of the free games may be lite versions of the fully paid ones to (hopefully) generate enough interest to buy the complete version but they will not contain any in-game purchase requirements themselves.

But, much as I hate the idea, I now also have to use ads in my games. It's become clear to me, that with the huge choice of games out there, it is almost impossible to generate enough revenue through pure sales alone. My aim will be to make in-game ads as unobtrusive as possible. I won't use banners or intrusive videos.

  The flip side is that it is nearly impossible to make a dollar from indie game development. Please support people like myself by not using ad-blockers or playing off-line to avoid the ads. Thanks.

  I will support and update all my games as rigorously as I can and if you have got a good idea for an addition or improvement; let me know - it may just become the next feature.

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you, let me know what you think of my apps or send me an idea, an improvement or criticism.

Here's the link: Send Mail