Greetings to you all. Thanks for dropping by.

I'm Green Guppy and here you can find information on me, my Androids apps and the world around me.

I'm a solo indie developer and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I work in Java using the fabulous libGDX framework and am slowly making my way up the steep learning curve that is the world of Android app development.

I'd love to hear any feedback or criticism you might have. Feel free to get in touch with me.

Kia pai tō rā - Have a nice day!

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  • Rotatron

    What is Rotatron?

    Create your own rotating hynotic art. Befuddle your brain and weird out your eyes.

    Produce amazing spinning art from 36 rotators and 9 backgrounds Adjust the rotation speed, size, transparency and colour for limitless variation.

    Give it a spin, a world of whirling wonders awaits.

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup

    Make words out of the letters in your soup - not as easy as it sounds.

    There are 5 different difficulty options. Each difficulty has 6 unlockable levels.

    Word Bowl Soup is completely free to play and there are no in-app purchases at all.

    It's tasty - give it a try.

  • Kiwi Jump

    Kiwi Jump

    Heard of Doodle Jump?

    Here is my version with a kiwiana theme. New Zealand icons, music and sounds.

    Bounce on possums to get higher. Build your score with NZ themed rewards and bonuses. Spot the famous icons and New Zealanders.

    Give it a go, bro!

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  • Rotatron

    Rotatron - create hypnotic art!

    Bend your mind! Confuse your eyes. View vertiginous vortexes!

    Create your own rotating art. Choose from 36 rotators and 9 backgrounds to build your own amazing hypnotic spectacle. Check out this short demo video - give it a spin.

  • Word Bowl Soup

    Word Bowl Soup

    A short video showing how Word Bowl Soup is played. How to move tiles and complete the words. Also a section on Timer Play - don't let your soup get cold!

  • Kiwi Jump

    Shows how to control your jumping Kiwi and how to collect the bonuses. You can see the Kiwiana theme in action and appreciate the glorious kookiness in NZ.